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Jeanine Joy, Human Thriving Expert & Keynote Speaker

Ms Joy has found scientifically supported ways to improve life on planet Earth for everyone. Spread the word.

Ken Vanderpool - Mystery Author

Sgt. Mike Neal and the Music City Murder series. 

Shay Lacy, Romance Author

Secrets and Seduction Collection, Touchpoint, Hero Needed, ...

Jayne Kingston - Romance Author

Mischievous Matchmaker and Lust For Life Series, ...

Rick Reed, Mystery Author

Detective Jack Murphy serial killer crime series

Bob Nailor, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal Author

Pangaea: Eden Lost, Ancient Blood: The Amazon

Sharon Ledwith - Fantasy Author

The Timekeeper Series

Jenna Rutland - Romance Author

Lake Bliss Series

Bryan E. Robinson, Ph.D. - Mystery and Self-Help Author

Brad Pope and the Sisterfriends, Chained to the Desk, Healing Your Self-Esteem

Peter H. Green - Mystery Writer

Patrick MacKenna Mystery Series, Ben's War with the U.S. Marines

Jill Kemerer - Inspirational Romance Author Love Inspired Series 

Jaden Terrell - Mystery Author

Jared McKean Private Detective Series

Tom Wood - Mystery and Western Author

Vendetta Stone, Western Tales, Weird Western Yarns

Constance Phillips, Romance Author
Resurrecting Harry, The Ultimate Catch, ...

Jason Born - Historical Fiction Author

The Norsemen Series, The Wald Chronicles, ... 

J. Powell, Young Adult Fantasy Series. The Guardian's Playlist, The Devil's Playlist