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His world shattered by the brutal murder of his family, Ian Kelly cannot live with the loss. However, instead of taking a more traditional approach to suicide, Ian is determined to die doing what the police have been unable to do: hunt down the killers. Untrained and knowing his search will result in his death, Ian patrols the city streets where he discovers an underworld of violence and depravity he never knew existed. Out of his element, he spirals ever deeper into the killers' world leaving a trail of bodies behind. But, as he draws ever closer to his targets, the city is rocked by a series of terrorist attacks. With martial law declared, his search becomes more difficult. Determined to finish what he started, Ian drives harder to end his quest, and with it his own life, until he accidentally stumbles across the terrorist's path. Changing targets in an attempt to save lives, Ian pursues killers even more savage and brutal. With the police closing in and time running out, Ian must stop the team of deadly assassins before they detonate bombs that could kill thousands.