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Book 2

You wake in a hospital, bandages on your head, a cast on your wrist and an IV in your arm. You have little memory of the events that put you there or how long you've been out. You are in pain, but pressing the call button has gone unanswered. You hear a loud crash in the hall followed by an inhuman howl that sends chills through your body. You're not sure what's going on, but you need pain meds.

Do you:
A) continue pressing the button in hopes a nurse will appear?
B) get out of bed and go looking for someone who can help?
C) look for a place to hide.
Welcome to book 2 of Pick-A-Path: Apocalypse. The adventure continues in this stand alone volume where you are the main character in the story. Remember those wonderful choose your own adventures of your youth? Now you can enjoy an adult version. More action, more options, more ways for the author to mess with you should you make a silly choice. (Cue sinister laugh)
So strap in for a wild ride and, as always, choose wisely.

Book 1

How Will You Survive? The apocalypse has arrived. The world has ended. You are one of the few survivors. Now, how do you stay that way? You have control over your destiny and fate. The decisions you make will impact your life, advance your chances for continued survival, or bring on a painful death. Follow the story and choose the path that most matches your personality, knowledge or skills. As in life, not every decision is easy, nor is every path as it seems. Choose wisely, your survival depends on you.

Now what do you do first?
A) Run and hide?
B) Search for other survivors?
C) Hunt for things you'll need?
D) Pick up this book and read?

Good luck.