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With two well-built cops at the door, an extremely attractive, half-naked woman behind him to the right, and a dead body on the floor to the left, Greg wondered where he had gone wrong. The obvious answer was he had met a woman.Greg was an Eliminator; a government funded black-ops program, designed to eliminate known threats without government involvement. However, when poor intel leads to the death of two children, Greg decides he's had enough, and disappears. Though hunted, he has the skill to stay hidden and is sure no one will ever find him. Then he makes the mistake of letting a woman with her own problems into his life and soon is in enmeshed in a massive manhunt with him as the prey.With the woman trailing along and killers everywhere, Greg must lose himself in the Smoky Mountains until he can figure out why he has drawn so much attention. Dodging the FBI, two vying factions within his old agency, the woman's abusive husband and a Latin drug lord, Greg risks everything to survive and determine who he has to eliminate to erase the threat.