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Grassy Mountains

A Life Worth Dying For

Random Survival



Their father was in a coma. Medical supplies were low. His life depended on whether his children, Bobby and Becca, could find more.

Six months after a deadly pandemic swept the country, the community prepares to face their first winter. After a battle with a large militia, medical supplies are low. With Mark, one of the community leaders in a coma, the remaining supplies are being depleted fast. Under pressure from some community members, the newly formed council has decided if Mark doesn’t recover soon, they will be forced to unplug him. They give Bobby and Becca a week to find more lifesaving IV solutions.

The siblings set off to hunt. However, they find little, as most everything of value has already been taken. Disheartened, they push on finding a small community that has so far been untouched by looters. The only survivor in the small town is Father Bernardo, the local priest. Before they can search the houses, they are attacked by traveling marauders who claim the town and everything in it for themselves.

Meanwhile, back at the community, the group that wants Mark unplugged makes plans to kill him as well as some of the council members so they can take over.

With time running out, Bobby and Becca must escape the town and hope what they have collected will be enough to save their father’s life.

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