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READER Reviews

"I just took a chance on this new book because I've recently become interested in survival stories, like The Host and the tv shows Revolution and The Dome. This book was excellent! I absolutely could not put it down. I actually couldn't sleep until I finished it because there was never a good place to break - I kept wanting to know what was next. Money well spent!."

- AJ, Random Survival Review, Ohio

"I was hoping for a sequel to Random Survival, and here it is!

I have been reading it in bed at night and it's so thrilling that I had to change my read time to after dinner! It's keeps me up because I can't put it down! I would love to see this made into a movie or mini-series. Great writing Ray! Keep working on more books and my family will keep buying and reading them! Has anyone checked out the trailer for Team Mates on YouTube? It's great!"

- Valerie Jean, Random Survival Review, Michigan

"It was very exciting. Couldn't put it down. Had to read it right thru. I recommend it to anyone looking for suspense."

- Pauline Sroufe, Random Survival Review, Ohio

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