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Grassy Mountains

A Trip to Normal

Random Survival



Five months after the life-changing apocalyptic event, Mark craves normal activities. Having battled militias, gangs and psycho killers, he'd just like to do something that reminds him of the world of his past. What could be more relaxing and normal than a fishing trip?Lynn, his co-director of the community feels it is an excuse to seek action and violence and opposes the trip. 

After a bitter argument, Mark and his children, Bobby and Becca, leave anyway. Once on the water, they settle in for a peaceful day of fishing on Lake Erie, however the presence of a pirate navy controlling the waters alters their plans.Fleeing a small armada of speed boats, they hide on shore, but witness the shooting of a man and the capture of a woman and girl. 

Mark sends Bobby and Becca for back up, taking the wounded man for medical help, then rashly attempts to rescue the woman and girl. Forming an alliance with a strange tribe living on the shores, he manages to free the girl but gets captured himself, and is transferred to a freighter the pirates use as a floating base.Returning with reinforcements, Bobby and Becca must rescue their father before the captain executes him.

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