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Grassy Mountains

Blood Rose

Random Survival: The Road



Three years out of the service and living a calm and relaxing life in a cabin in rural Georgia, Rose McCullum finds herself in anew war. A deadly pandemic sweeps across the country leaving millions of bodies in its wake. For whatever reason she is unaffected. However, there appears to be something strange going on in Georgia as the entire state is shut down and the borders guarded against outsiders. Then, a party of military personnel is dispatched to pick her up for reinstatement and service in the new Georgia militia. When she refuses they attack. Before she is captured, Rose manages to get off a message to Weatherman, a former special forces operative, but if he comes at all it is too late for her.

Pressed into the militia she is assigned to an army base where she is under guard. Unsure of what is going on, Rose makes plans to escape, but others in the barracks attack her thinking her a spy. But for who? Unable to determine what the sides are in the mysterious conflict she realizes something isn’t right in the state of Georgia. If the pandemic was a surprise attack or even an accident, how is it that an entire state was prepared in advance unless they had forewarning, or had something to do with the release of the virus?

With her life on the line and time running out, Rose decides she cannot wait for Weatherman to rescue her. It’s time to break out now knowing her death is coming soon.

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