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Grassy Mountains


The Seam Travelers



Twins Eric and Elly don’t know the other exists. Taken from their homeland of Chevalon when only young children, they’ve been raised in different homes by their guardians in Chicago.

As heirs to the throne, they represent the final piece of resistance to the reign of the evil Mortas Frost. Finding and kidnapping Elly, Mortas begins the terrible act of eliminating his one source of opposition.Discovering his true heritage,

Eric joins with the mage Phetrix and the the Chicago police detective Grant to travel across the seam into another dimension to save a sister and a land he knows nothing about.

But will they make it in time to thwart Mortas and save Elly? The life of his sister is in Eric’s hands. The fate of Chevalon rests on their success.

Buy Conquest for the thrilling conclusion to the Seam Travelers series today!

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