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Grassy Mountains

Double Play

Danny Roth



Danny and Tony are in Dayton, Ohio for a weekend of fun at the regional baseball championship, but when a murdered man is discovered in the room next to theirs and they find a ledger that threatens to tear apart the police department. The result is an armed standoff in their hotel room against the local cops. The only way to defuse the situation is to trust in the police, but the wrong choice could be deadly.

Meanwhile, a stranger from New York arrives in Toledo to purchase Danny’s restaurant. However, this mysterious man has a secret agenda involving Danny's mother's past which threatens to put his mother in jeopardy and Danny in a grave.
In the midst of the struggle, Danny learns the family secrets and the reason they’ve been kept that way, but now he must find a way to save his mother from her past before she is forced into a deadly plot by a power hungry madman.

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