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Grassy Mountains


The Seam Travelers



When the mage Phetrix accidentally opens a seam into another dimension, he discovers a world far different than anything he’d ever imagined. He keeps the discovery a secret, until he is forced to open it again in a desperate attempt to save the heirs to the kingdom from the usurper, Mortas Frost.

For fifteen years the children remain hidden until the wicked mage Rhoden, servant to Mortas, discovers the ancient spell and sends forces through the seam to hunt for the prince and princess.

As Rhoden searches the city of Chicago, Phetrix and a small band of loyal followers must defend the royal heirs and stop them from falling into the evil clutches of Mortas Frost. With the fate of the heirs at stake, Phetrix prepares for a battle that may determine the survival of two worlds.

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