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Grassy Mountains

Escaping the Dead

The Tower



After leading a new group of survivors to safety, Evan and Teke try to link up with the original group only to find the compound they left them in now overrun by crits, the living dead. With no clue as to where the others went, or even if they survived, Evan sets out to find a safe place to hide while he searches for his friends. 

However, unnerved by recent behaviors the crits have displayed, Evan has a difficult time shaking the crit herd. They seem to be evolving, showing signs of a hive mind, making them even more dangerous.Forced to flee again, and with few options left, Evan and Teke lead a desperate escape across the water where they find a small community on an island. Hidden away from the world, untouched by crits, with plenty of food and water, the island appears to be the perfect haven. 

But is it too good to be true?Not long after they arrive, Evan and Teke begin seeing flaws, but before they can take action to confront them, the island is swarmed by crits. Shaken by the knowledge the crits crossed open water for more than an hour to get to the island, Evan and Teke work to organize the islands defense before they are overwhelmed.

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