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Grassy Mountains

Group Therapy

Danny Roth



Former Army Ranger, Ricardo, uses his skills to rescue kidnapped and abused children, but when an old flame is brutally assaulted by a gang, he rushes to her aid. His sudden appearance creates turmoil in an already traumatic scenario. Jane refuses to involve the police and Ricardo convinces her to attend a special therapy group. There she meets other victims and bonds with four women. Together they plot to take their revenge on all of their attackers.

Unaware of Jane's intentions, Ricardo hunts the gang members who assaulted her, doling out his own form of justice to two of them. But when the remaining gang members team up with some enemies from his past, the violence escalates and he calls on friends, Danny and Tony, to help him survive. In the meantime, Jane and her new friends track down their attackers and mete out their own form of group therapy. But when one of the women is abducted by her attacker, Jane is forced to ask Ricardo and his team for assistance to rescue their group member.

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