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Grassy Mountains

Home Team

Danny Roth



When Danny and Tony come to the aid of a beautiful woman, they are surprised to find the victim is actually undercover cop, Marissa Feducci. What is more surprising is Tony’s reaction to Marissa. The usual smooth-talking Tony becomes speechless in her presence.

When Marissa fails to show for their first date Tony is devastated, until he discovers she has been kidnapped. With the police unable to find her, Danny and Tony organize their own team and lead a daring rescue.

However, the kidnapper, international drug dealer, Nicholas Ruiz, seeking vengeance, puts a bounty on Tony, Danny and Marissa and sends his cartel to hunt them. To survive, they must turn the tables on Ruiz, becoming the hunters.

With the cartel closing in, they initiate a counter assault to take down Ruiz and destroy a massive shipment of drugs.

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