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Grassy Mountains

In Defense of Home

Random Survival



Returning home after the deadly battle at The Facility, Mark and the community settle in for some much-needed moments of peace. With Becca cured, much of Mark’s stress has been lifted and normalcy is restored. However, he still needs to deal with the fall-out from his decisions, which includes mending the ever-widening rift with Lynn.

However, when the military arm of The Facility is sent to retrieve their property, Becca, and capture new test subjects for their experiments, peace is just a dream. After a series of assaults, the community comes together to form plans for the defense of their home. But when the small team assaults fail, an army is sent to destroy the community.

With the entire community’s lives on the line, they must stand strong against insurmountable odds, fighting their own country’s troops. To fail means to lose everything they built and fall prey to the heartless Dr. Ohtanda’s scientific experiments and horrifying death.

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