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Grassy Mountains

Jeremy Kline and the Invisible Village

Jeremy Kline



If Jeremy Kline had known his birthday was going to be full of unexpected and dangerous surprises he might not have left the house.

Almost running over Daria, a mysterious young woman, he is drawn into a strange and magical world he never knew existed—only he isn’t supposed to know. Somehow he has passed through a barrier emerging into a village that no one else can see.

Thinking him an enemy from their homeworld sent to hunt them down, the inhabitants capture him. However, when the village is attacked by monsters he thought only existed in myths Jeremy is caught up in a deadly battle between forces from another world.

With the evil forces now tracking him believing him to be of some yet unknown importance, Jeremy must flee for his life. Aided by Daria and her teacher both wizards, Jeremy must find a way to stop the invading entities before their advances destroy his world.

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