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Grassy Mountains

Long Shot & the Astronaut

Random Survival: The Road



Long Shot and Astronaut are trying to ride out the pandemic by staying in a secluded cabin in the mountains, however, when an evil preacher decides to take the mountain over for his followers, they must decide whether to leave or stay, knowing to stay may mean a violent confrontation.

Angry about the way other families are driven to leave, Long Shot and Astronaut come to the rescue of a family being forcibly evicted becoming the focus of the evil preacher’s minions. As all hopes for a peaceful resolution fail, the conflict escalates aggressively. Not one’s to be pushed, the two men retaliate, taking the fight to the preacher’s camp.

Outnumbered, with enemy troops closing in, they put one last desperate plan into action, however, if they fail, it will mean their deaths.

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