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Grassy Mountains

Mischief Magic

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Sean Kenny always knew he was different, but when he discovers his hidden ability he isn't sure if the difference is between good and evil, cursed or gifted, or being human or alien. He has no idea where the power came from, what it is, or even how to use it. The one thing he does know is the strange power is best kept secret.

But secrets have a way of being discovered. Using what he calls magic, Sean rescues a woman from being kidnapped, but as they flee, a pursuing car barrels down on them. Unable to outrun the car, he turns to face his death.

Waking in a hospital, with little memory of what occurred, Sean finds he has drawn a lot of unwanted attention. He tries to return to his “normal,” life, but when the woman, Kennah, is kidnapped again, he must use his powers in a way that will out his secret and send him on the run forever.

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