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Grassy Mountains


Random Survival: The Road



Paul Vanderbilt, code sign, Money, has discovered a secret that will get him killed. Armed with the knowledge the government is covering up the pandemic that has killed millions, Money takes to the road to both escape the kill teams dispatched to hunt him and to connect with his old special forces team.

Worried that Money will spread the word and ruin the plans of the cabal responsible for the government takeover, the new militia is called out to join in the hunt. When Money meets up with Weatherman and Blood Rose, two members of his old team, they devise a plan to take the new regime down, but what can three people do against an entire army?

With armed forces closing in, they go in search of other former unit members in hopes of spreading the word about the conspiracy, but will their efforts be enough? Trapped, under-manned, and outgunned, the group must fight to have a chance to survive, but one wrong move may mean their deaths.

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