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Grassy Mountains

One Last Second Chance

Random Survival



New beginnings. New plans. A growing community. A possible new alliance.
Lincoln saw nothing but progress, peace, and hope. Then a new enemy appears and once more his world is thrown into chaos.

Seven months after the devastation wrought by the deadly virus brought them together, newly elected Council Chairman, Lincoln, is proud of what they have accomplished and created. They have forged a new home and grown despite the many challenges and the death that surrounds them. Peace has lasted for more than a month. With much of the work focused on preparing for the winter, the community makes plans for their first Halloween celebration. Normalcy, or what passes for it in the apocalypse, is making a return to their lives.

Then a delegation from a larger community appears at the gate. At the same time a new and deadly enemy attacks his people. Are the two events a cooperative effort to bring the community down or is their mutual arrival mere coincidence? And which group is the more dangerous and threatening to their existence?

When members of the delegation are attacked and kidnapped, the survivors send word to their home and an army is dispatched. But when they arrive will they be friend or foe? Lincoln offers to help rescue the victims but the new group sees his people as the threat. An uneasy truce is put in place as factions from the two communities form a partnership to rescue the kidnapped people.

With a deadline and an army fast approaching, Lincoln must lead a daring effort against a powerful enemy or risk having his newly fortified community attacked by two deadly forces.

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