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Grassy Mountains

Pick-A-Path Apocalypse book 3




Pick-A-Path: Apocalypse Book 3 continues the exciting choose your own adventures that have become so popular with readers of all ages. 

The apocalyptic event in this book has to do with an alien invasion. However, as a twist you are caught in a strange mansion where eerie is the norm. You not only have to survive the aliens but the various deadly denizens of the mansion.

You have been living underground for the past year, but with no food or water you have been forced to the surface. It’s a toss up as to what will kill you first, the aliens or thirst.

So, what will you choose?

A)Face down aliens?
B)Enter the haunted mansion?
C)Lay down and die?
D)Read this book for answers.

Good luck. Only smart choices will be your salvation. So, choose wisely.

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