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Grassy Mountains

Playing Through Errors

Danny Roth



While hiking in the Smokies, Danny gets a frantic message from his ex-wife about the death of her junkie brother, Todd. Before he and Tony can return home, they are attacked by a group of men with automatic weapons. Neither the assault nor the strange way Todd died makes sense until they discover an envelope of photos Todd sent to Danny about what looks like an execution. The pieces fall together then—The Ruiz Drug Cartel was after them again.

Three years prior, Danny, Tony, and an eclectic team took down the younger Ruiz brother, killing him in a wild gun battle at a small airport. Now, his brother, the leader of the cartel is seeking revenge and willing to send men to kill them and retrieve the photos.

With unending numbers of attackers after them, Danny and Tony must find a way to survive and get the pictures in the hands of the authorities but calling in the DEA was not always the best choice. Old enemy, Agent Martindale, gives them a choice, serve as bait to lure Ruiz from hiding or go to jail. With the cartel coming for them and the DEA watching their back, it is hard to determine who is the greater threat.

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