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Newsletter January 2024

Welcome to a new year of high adventure, exciting stories, and intriguing characters. We’re starting the new year with a bang. I released 5 books just today. This may be my most productive year yet.

Here’s what’s been going on.

The Resurrection Project Book 0 Conception. The beginning of five separate stories to be released in succession. The projected release for all six books is June.

The Resurrection Project Site 101, the first of the five follow up stories. The reason I mention these books at this time is because they have been released on Vella only. So, if you want advanced readings that’s where you can find them.

Buzz Kill, a new mystery series, has been released in print format. The e-book will come out in two weeks.



A Misappropriated Demise is a stand along mystery. Like Buzz Kill it has been released as a print book with the e-book scheduled for two weeks.




The final entry is the long-anticipated Book 11 in the Random Survival the Road series, Hunted. This title is available right now in print and e-book.




In future months I have some new material as well as a few old favorites.

I just finished the untitled book three in the Bridgett Conroy mystery series. I have it tentatively scheduled for an April release.

My current work in progress is the next installment in the Random Survival series currently entitled A Bitter Betrayal. Look for that to come out in May.

You already know my plans for June. All six books in the Resurrection Project spread out over 6 weeks which stretches into July.

The newest Danny Roth novel will hit the market in August.

Look for the next Random Survival The Road Book 12 will come out in September.

By then you will be too tired of reading my books, so I’ll take the next three months off.

Yeah, right. I’d go into withdrawals. However, I don’t have anything in mind as yet. It may be another new story, or I’ve been considering doing another trilogy of either The Historian or Jeremy Kline.

Later in the year I’ll release a second book or two in the Resurrection Project.

So, that’s the plans for the year but you know how that goes.


The show schedule includes the usual events.

Indy comic con

Motor City comic con

Denver comic con

Gen Con


Cincinnati comic con


I’ll send dates in future newsletters.


Plus a few that are tentative which I’ll let you know in future newsletters.

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